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TitleLiterature review on pollutant deposition processes
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication1979
AuthorsDenison, P. J., McMahon T. A., & Kramer J. R.
Pagination261 pages
PublisherSyncrude Canada Ltd.
Place PublishedEdmonton, AB
Publication Languageeng
Keywordsair emissions, Syncrude

An in-depth review of the literature related to deposition of gases and particulates by dry deposition and precipitation scavenging is reported. Recommendations are made on the hypotheses, algorithms or models considered to be most suitable for incorporation into a pollutant transport and diffusion model to be selected later. A review of field monitoring programs is also reported. A program is designed to provide data for calibrating the models recommended appropriate to the study area of the Alberta Oil Sands Environmental Research Program.


Professional Paper 1979-5.

Locational Keywords

Alberta oil sands



Citation Key52786

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