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TitleA comprehensive guide to the Alberta oil sands: Understanding the environmental and human impacts export implications and political economic and industry influences
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication2011
AuthorsMech, M.
Pagination109 pages
Date Published03/2011
PublisherGreen Party of Canada
Place PublishedOttawa, ON
Publication Languageeng
KeywordsAboriginal, CCS, CO2, economics, First Nations, GHG, human health, legislation, Métis, pipeline, policy, tailings, water use

Just as an oil slick can spread far from its source, the implications of Oil Sands production have far reaching effects. Many people only read or hear about isolated aspects of these implications. Media stories often provide only a ‘window’ of information on one specific event and detailed reports commonly center around one particular facet.
This paper brings together major points from a vast selection of reports, studies and research papers, books, documentaries, articles, and fact sheets relating to the Alberta Oil Sands. It is not inclusive. The objective of this document is to present sufficient information on the primary factors and repercussions involved with Oil Sands production and export so as to provide the reader with an overall picture of the scope and implications of Oil Sands current production and potential future development, without perusing vast volumes of publications.
The content presents both basic facts, and those that would supplement a general knowledge base of the Oil Sands and this document can be utilized wholly or in part, to gain or complement a perspective of one or more particular aspect(s) associated with the Oil Sands. The substantial range of Oil Sands- related topics is covered in brevity in the summary.
This paper discusses environmental, resource, and health concerns, reclamation, viable alternatives, crude oil pipelines, and carbon capture and storage. It also provides some insight into the political and economic factors that have influenced Oil Sands development and, with some variance, continue to do so; furnishes a sampling of government inadequacies and ignored findings; and includes subjects not often in the forefront, such as the exploitation of Temporary Foreign Workers and the lives of mobile workers.

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