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TitleBush land people
Publication TypeVideo
Place Published Calgary: University of Calgary
Year of Publication1993
Publication Language en

Aboriginal bush land heritage is an important part of North American cultural and economic history. This video is designed to introduce students to how culture and economy developed along the waterways in Canada's bush land region extending from Lac La Marte, Northwest Territories, to Fort McMurray, Alberta. The people featured represent three aboriginal groups: Cree, Chipewyan, and Dogrib, who are bound together by their hunting, trapping, fishing, and gathering lifestyles. Theirs is a culture that developed in response to the natural environment over thousands of years. Elements of this traditional bush lifestyle remain, but the industrialized culture is fast eroding the remnants of a once-stable and self-sufficient way of life.

KeywordsAboriginal, bush land, Chipewyan, Cree, cultural history, economic history, First Nations, fishing, gathering, heritage, hunting, native peoples, trapping, waterways

culture, hunting, trapping, First Nations

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Fort McMurray

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