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Fawcett Lake

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Lesser Slave River No.124 AB

Big Bend sub-regional integrated resource plan

Year: 1985

This document represents the end of Phase I in the Beaverhill Lake land use planning process. The document provides a forward-thinking and comprehensive policy direction that will guide Phase II - the preparation and implementation of detailed Local Development Plan on a disposition unit basis. The policy includes three main point. First, the policy provides for a Phase II planning committee with direct local public involvement. Second, the policy provides a land use guidance map under which the local development plans will be prepared. third, the policy provides special recognition for the local leaseholders through financial assistance for range improvement under and subject to the Public Grazing Lands Improvement Program.

[Anonymous] (1985).  Big Bend sub-regional integrated resource plan. ENR technical report T/1-15, 115. Abstract

Fawcett Lake lakeshore management plan

Year: 1990

The economic planning and resource development committee of Cabinet approved the Big Bend Sub-regional Integrated Resource Plan on June 19, 1985. This plan identified resource potential and development opportunities within specific resource management areas. The North Athabasca Resource Management Area, in the northern end of the Big Bend planning area, was designated "to provide localised nodal recreational developments catering to a variety of water-oriented uses at Fawcett Lake".

Genetic population structure of walleye populations in the Athabasca River basin

Author(s): Burke, L.

Year: 2008

This report provides a summary of a field program undertaken to study the population genetic structure of walleye. Samples were collected from Lake Athabasca, a site north of Fort McMurray, McLeod River, Lesser Slave Lake, Calling Lake, and Fawcett Lake.

Sub-regional plan to protect area larger than Moose Lake

Author(s): Narine, S.

Year: 2015

The article discusses Fort McKay First Nation's plans to develop a sub-regional program to protect traditional territory around Moose Lake in Alberta. It mentions the areas of collaboration cited in the letter of intent Fort McKay First National Chief Jim Boucher signed on March 25, 2015 with Premier Jim Prentice and Environment and Sustainable Resource Development Minister Kyle Fawcett including management access plan, raised environmental monitoring and creation of thresholds within the area.