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TitleSyncrude Lease No. 17: An archaeological survey
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication1973
Corporate AuthorsLtd, S. C.
Pagination98 pages
PublisherSyncrude Canada Ltd.
Place PublishedEdmonton, AB
Publication Languageeng
Keywordsinventory, survey, Syncrude

During project planning, Syncrude Canada Ltd. became concerned for possible archaeological resources which might be endangered by its development in Athabasca Tar Sands Lease #17. Proposals were solicited by Syncrude for assistance in conducting a survey of the Lease #17 area to determine its archaeological site potential. In line with their environmental baseline studies, Syncrude accepted a research proposal and funded a field project to that end. The report contained herein embodies background information from the original research proposal and the subsequent findings of the archaeological survey project. Included are statements of both the method and theory employed in the research. All reported archaeological finds in the Boreal Mixedwood Ecosystem of Alberta and pertinent ethnohistorical and ethnographic literature concerning Native Groups of the general region are reviewed. In preparation for the survey, a system was formulated whereby Lease #17 could be divided into a number of priority areas according to their archaeological potential. To define these priority areas, it became necessary to first make an appraisal of the human carrying capacity of the area employing existing environmental data. In summary, the artifact sample from Lease #17 shows that a variety of stone materials were available and were utilized. Tools were apparently roughed out at a quarry site and then transported to camp sites for finishing. The edge angles of worn artifacts indicates that the tools had a variety of uses. The scarcity of projectile points may be due to the use of perishable bone and antler for these tools.


Ecological Research Monograph 1973-4.

Locational Keywords

Athabasca Oil Sands Region (AOSR)



Citation Key53807

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