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TitleSurvey of Odonata in the Canadian Shield Natural region of northeastern Alberta. II. 2001 survey of La Butte Creek and Fidler-Greywillow Wildlands Parks
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication2002
AuthorsMacaulay, D.
PublisherPrepared for the Alberta Heritage Information Centre, Parks and Protected Areas Division, Alberta Community Development
Place PublishedEdmonton Alberta.
Publication Languageen

In Alberta, the Canadian Shield Ecoregion is restricted to the extreme northeast part of the province (Strong and Leggat 1992). It is subdivided into the Kazan Upland Subregion and the Athabasca Plain Subregion, located to the north and south of Lake Athabasca, respectively. There are several wildland parks that have recently been established in these two subregions. An odonate survey was conducted in the summer of 2000 (Hornung) within three of the wildland parks that are located in the Athabasca Plain Subregion, namely Maybelle River, Marguerite River and Richardson River Dunes. This survey was the first for these three parks. Two parks located in the Kazan Upland Subregion were the focus for an odonate survey in the summer of 2001, namely La Butte Creek and Fildler-Greywillow Wildland Parks. The subregion within which these two wildland parks are located contains extensive riparian and shield outcrop habitats. The purpose of the survey in La Butte Creek and Fildler-Greywillow was to provide an annotated summary of the odonate species that occur in these parks, including notes on such parameters as relative abundance, distribution patterns, range extensions and any other relevant biological or behavioral information. The information obtained would contribute towards an increased understanding of the odonate fauna both within the two wildland parks but also within the broader context of Alberta.



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La Butte Creek Wildland Provincial Park (Alta.)Fidler-Greywillow Wildland Provincial Park (Alta.)

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