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TitleA study of human adjustment in Fort McMurray - Technical manual
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication1979
AuthorsGartrell, J. W.
Pagination170 pages
PublisherAlberta Oil Sands Environmental Research Program
Place PublishedEdmonton, AB
Publication Languageeng
Keywordsanalytical methodology, AOSERP, inventory, social issues, survey, UofA

The following technical manual is intended to document the computer file which contains the results of the A.O.S.E.R.P. Study of Human Adjustment in Fort McMurray. This manual contains several sections which refer either to the accompanying computer output from that file, or to the technical aspects of creating scales and indices to be used in the draft final report. The data file contains coded responses for 430 interviews conducted by the Population Research Laboratory, University of Alberta. The data was collected during May and June of 1979, and will be more fully described in the final report for this project. The computer readable file has been edited for record completeness, out-of-bounds codes and consistency of response. This, however, constitutes only a preliminary edit. Appropriate caution should be exercised in using the data. From an initial 433 interviews, three were totally eliminated because of their incompleteness (two cases where respondents quit partway through the interview), or because an inappropriate interview was conducted (one case). The training manual is an unrevised reproduction of the actual form distributed to interviewers. It was later used as a basic part of the interviewer training. The interview is again a reproduction (unedited} of the form used in the interviewing. The same is true of the codebook which directly references the interview questions. This codebook is to be used to read the raw data. Information on scales and indices, recoding, and reliabilities is included to allow for the replication of the analysis to be reported in the final report. The information contained in this technical manual will not be repeated in the final report for A.O.S.E.R.P. It should be completely adequate to document the data file created.


AOSERP Project HS 30.5

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