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TitleResource use environmental setting report for the Suncor Voyageur Project
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication2005
Corporate AuthorsGolder Associates Ltd.
Place Published Calgary: Golder Associates Ltd.
Publication Language en
Keywordsaquatic resources, arctic grayling (thymalllus arcticus), badger, beaver, berry picking, black bear, blue-winged teals, blueberries, bobcat, bolete mushrooms, canvasbacks, coyotes, cranberries, ducks, EIA, environmental impact assessment, environmental setting, expansion, fiddleheads, fisher, fishing, game, geese, geographic information systems, GIS, goldeye, green-winged teals, grouse, hunters, Labrador tea, lake trout, lake whitefish, lynx, mallards, marten, mines, mink, mint, moose, morels, mule deer, mushrooms, muskrat, northern Pike, northern pintails, northern shovelers, oil sands, orange tops, otter, pickerel, ptarmigan, rabbit, raccoon, raspberries, rat root, red squirrel, red tops, redheads, regional study area, resource use, scaup, shaggy mane, skunk, socio-economic, strawberries, Suncor, terrestrial resources, trapline, trapping, upgraders, Voyageur Project, walleye, waterfowl, weasel, white-tailed deer, wolverine, wolves, yellow perch

Volume 11 In: Voyageur project


oil sands, resource use, environment, environmental impact assessment, EIA

Locational Keywords

Algar River, Athabasca River, Beaver River, Christina River, Clarke Creek, Clearwater River, Conn Creek, Dover River, Eaglesnest Lake, Ells River, Firebag River, Gardiner Lake, Gipsy Lake, Gordon Lake, Gregoire Lake, Hangingstone River, High Hill River, Trout Pond, Fort McKay, Fort McMurray, Lac La Roche, Fort Chipewyan, Fort McMurray, Thickwood, Anzac, Poplar Creek, Six Lakes, Texaco Ponds, Namur Lake, Ruth Lake, AOSTRA Lake, Mildred Lake, Christina Lake, Gordon Lake, House River, Richardson River, House River, Square Lake, Jackpine Creek, Horse River, MacKay River, Marguerite River, McClelland Lake, Moose Creek, Pearson Lake, Saline Creek, Sand Lake, Saprae Creek, Spencer Lake, Square Lake, Steepbank River, Sunday Creek, Surmont Creek



Citation Key22296

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