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TitleGuidelines for reclamation to forest forest vegetation in the Athabasca Oil Sands Region (AOSR)
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication1999
Corporate AuthorsAlberta Environment
Pagination332 pages
Date Published01/2010
PublisherAlberta Environment
Publication Languageen

These are the 2nd edition guidelines to provide recommendations and best practices to support reclamation within the Athabasca Oil Sands Region that meets regulatory requirements, satisfies the needs and values of stakeholders, and is environmentally sustainable. The goal of this manual is to provide guidance on re-establishing the vegetation component of upland ecosystems on reclaimed landscapes, and on evaluating the success of this re-establishment. The guidelines are comprised of the following sections: section one describes the historical development of the Revegetation Manual, the changes incorporated into the 2nd edition and the goals and objectives of the Revegetation Manual; section two describes approaches to the use of the manual, and presents decision-flow structures in support of these approaches; section three defines the Edatopic Grid, ecosites and site types, and presents a table of characteristic species for ecosites and site types in the Athabasca Oil Sands Region; section four describes end land-use declaration and appropriate revegetation targets for the declared end land-use; section five describes indicators of revegetation success and methods to assess these indicators on reclaimed landscapes; and section six provides a glossary of terms relevant to reclamation in Alberta. It is an explicit assumption of this manual that it is to provide guidance on reclamation activities for the approximate period from date of issue until 2014-2019, or until reclamation knowledge has advanced sufficiently to justify a revision.

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Athabasca Oil Sands Region (AOSR)

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