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TitleGreen Canada
Publication TypeBook
Year of PublicationSubmitted
AuthorsPaluschi, O.
EditionCanadian Studies, 31
Pagination298 pages
PublisherPresses Interuniversitaires
Place PublishedBrussels, BE
Publication Languageeng

The book investigates a number of connected issues related to Canada and its environment, in order to examine the ongoing processes of preservation and distruction of the green landscapes of an immense country, through an interdisciplinary approach, encompassing different theoritical and methodological tools.


Cover; Table of Contents; Introduction. Shades of Green: Exploring Environmental Issues in Canada; Preserving/Destroying Green; Green Territories in Action: New Management Processes and Forms in Canadian National Parks; Go North! Environment, Sovereignty and Resources in Canada (1968-1975); Green, Black and Blue, or, What is Canadian Architecture for Tomorrow?; Waste Zones and Muskoka Chairs: Global & Non-Global Approaches to Green Canada; River of Hell: Athabasca Tar Sands Narratives; Re-rooting Indigenous Worldviews; Wétikowak. Le temps et l'espace dans l'imaginaire géographique des Autochtones du CanadaSpeaking the Language of the Land: Jeannette Armstrong's Green Poetree; Green Earth --
The Wounded Healer; Italian Rural Traditions in Urban Canada; The Persistence of Rural Traditions among Montreal's Italians; What Our (Grand) Parents Taught Us: Bridging the Rural and the Urban in (Italian) Canadian Writing; Contemporary Literary Landscapes; The Myth of Canada as a New Eden in Contemporary Writing; "A song stained with the stain of chlorophyll": P.K. Page's Poetics; Nature et culture dans l'oeuvre de Robert Lalonde. Landscapes and Eidetic Visions in Alistair MacLeod's FictionGreen Dimensions. A Phenomenology of Green Spaces in Mavis Gallant's Fiction; Languaging 'Green' in Tourism and Linguistics; Welcome to Canada --
the Land of Green-speak; The 'Green R-evolution': A Brief Exploration through Lexical Change; Green Trade Names in Canada; Green Hypermodality: A Social Semiotic Multimodal Analysis of the 'Green your house' Webpage; Green Apocalypse; The Eco-Cognitive Dimension of Margaret Atwood's Language of Green. Green Practices: Textual and Extratextual Environmentalism in The Year of the Flood by Margaret Atwood The God's Gardeners' Green Diet: Margaret Atwood's The Year of the Flood; Notes on Contributors; Series index.

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