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TitleFPAC and CBI issue joint statement regarding boreal forest conservation
Publication TypeNews Release
Publisher Canada NewsWire
Place Published Ottawa: PR Newswire Association LLC
Year of PublicationSubmitted
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The Forest Products Association of Canada (FPAC) and the Canadian Boreal Initiative (CBI), today issued a joint statement regarding boreal forest conservation. This first ever statement of its kind is a commitment by both organizations to ensure planning for conservation of ecological and cultural values prior to new forest tenures in unallocated part of Canada's boreal forest. The statement recognizes the urgent challenges facing the boreal forest and some key elements of a path forward to a more sustainable future for ecological, economic and cultural sustainability. The agreement references the need for conservation planning, and scientific and traditional knowledge research as well as the respect for Aboriginal rights in resource development decisions. "FPAC and its members have a strong and productive track record of working constructively with conservation groups, governments and others on projects related to advancing sustainable forest management and environmental stewardship, and we are committed to help shape a sustainable vision and reality for the boreal forest," said Avrim Lazar, President and CEO, FPAC. "FPAC and CBI share a strong belief in the need for conservation planning to guide development and in continual improvement in areas where we operate. Working in this fashion will help ensure the maintenance of our shared values." "Because of the tremendous value of Canada's boreal forest to the continent's waterfowl and the vast number of wetland complexes in Canada's North, Ducks Unlimited Canada (DUC) has been working with FPAC, CBI and others to gather new science around wetlands, water and watershed health to advance conservation planning and best management practices across the Western boreal forest," said Gary Stewart, Ducks Unlimited Canada. "I believe that this latest announcement is another great example of FPAC's leadership in boreal conservation.

KeywordsAboriginal rights, boreal forest, Canadian Boreal Initiative, CBI, conservation, cultural, Ducks Unlimited, ecology, economy, Forest Products Association of Canada (FPAC), resource development, sustainability, traditional knowledge, treaty rights, waterfowl, wetlands

boreal forest, conservation, ecology, cultural values, sustainability, traditional knowledge, Aboriginal rights, wildlife management



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