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TitleForaminifera of the Cenomanian Dunveganoceras zone from Peace River area of western Canada
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication1955
AuthorsStelck, C. R., Wall J. H., & Warren P. S.
Corporate Authorsof Alberta, R. C.
VolumeReport No. 70
PublisherResearch Council of Alberta
Place PublishedEdmonton, AB
Publication Languageen
KeywordsAcanthoceras athabascense, Dunveganoceras clowi, Dunveganoceras conditum Haas, Dunveganoceras parvum Cobban, Dunveganoceras poucecoupense

Thirty-three species and subspecies of Foraminifera from the lower and central part of the Upper Cretaceous Kaskapau formation from the Peace River area of Alberta are figured and described. Of these, twenty-five are new. Microfaunal zones are equated to megafaunal sequences of the upper Cenomanian and lower Turonian stages. The late Cenomanian portions of the lower Kaskapau formation are correlated in part with the basal portion of the Alberta shale of southern Alberta, the lower part of the Cody shale of Wyoming, the Coleraine formation of Minnesota and the Woodbine formation of Texas. The foraminiferal assemblages are over 95% arenaceous. They indicate a gradual environmental change from cool shallow brackish water to slightly deeper water with opening seaway connections.

Three new species of critical Cenomanian ammonites from Alberta-two Dunveganoceras, one Acanthoceras-are described in the Appendix.



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La Biche shale, Grosmont, Cadomin, Luscar

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