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TitleEffects of oil sands sediments in fish
Publication TypeConference Proceedings
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsParrott, J., Colavecchia M., Turcotte D., Hewitt L., Liber K., Sherry J., & Headley J.
EditorsMartel, L., Fournier M., Triffault-Bouchet D., Berryman I., Guay P. G. C., Campbell M., C. L., Parent J., & Pellerin P. B.
Date Published09/2009
PublisherLa Malbaie, QC
Publication Languageeng
KeywordsAthabasca River, federal government, fish, hydrocarbon, PAH, sediment, toxicity, tributaries, UofS, VOC

IN: Proceedings of the 36th Annual Aquatic Toxicity Workshop September 27-30, 2009. La Malbaie, Quebec. Martel L. M. Fournier G. Triffault-Bouchet D. Berryman I. Guay P.G.C. Campbell M. Lebeuf C. Couillard L. Parent J. Pellerin P. Benoit E. Lacroix and L.E.

Locational Keywords

Athabasca River



Citation Key52185

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