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TitleA conceptual model for study of impacts of oil sands development in the Fort McMurray area
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication1979
Corporate AuthorsInc., U. D. G.
Pagination85 pages
PublisherAlberta Oil Sands Environmental Research Program
Place PublishedEdmonton, AB
Publication Languageeng
KeywordsAOSERP, planning, social issues

This document is the interim report of a study entitled, \"A Conceptual Model for Study of Impacts of Oil Sands Development in the Fort McMurray Area\". The fundamental objectives to which the present report is addressed are as follows: develop an overall planning/policy information framework that will serve to identify the indicators and variables for which data need to be obtained in order to provide the necessary informational support for planning and policy development initiatives with respect to the oil sands region; to design a methodology for soliciting information from departments and agencies of the Alberta government with respect to their information requirements relating to planning and policy activities in relationship to the oil sands development region; to assess the results of existing research studies to determine to what extent they contain information useful to the above stated objectives.


AOSERP Project HS 30.3.

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